How to Use Memoji

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whether you like them or not me moji are

now a thing on iOS 12 apple just

released meme of g which are very much

like these an emoji except they're Cuban

link and customizable to create your own

emoji you can open your messaging app

tap on the iMessage App Store icon and

then tap on the an emoji icon in here

you'll be given all of your an emoji so

as usual one with some new ones and I

always twelve by the way and can swipe

over to the left to get to the new emoji

tap the plus on here to add a new me

emoji and it'll bring you to the

customization options first you'll

choose your skin tone from yellow to

real skin tones to purple and blue even

and then you'll choose whether to have

freckles and how much after that we can

choose our hair style there are a ton of

them and they start with the longer ones