What To Do / What Not To Do Drag Makeup Tutorial

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hi hi hi guys hi guys I'm here today

about to film a tutorial for you I've

got a lot of fun making my

transformations for you but the number

one request is to do a full talk through

tutorial for you so I finally about a

place where I feel comfortable

experimenting with the audio I have no

idea what they're doing to sound like by

the way today I tried it out and it

really really alcohol bear with me it's

a process and you're along for the ride

on this journey it's been hearing about

how to make videos and thank you for

your patience major shout outs to all

the youtubers out there who dedicate

their lives to creating content because

it is not easy it's a lot of trials and

tribulations that go into it and I have

a newfound respect for all content

creators on YouTube I mean holy [ __ ]