How to Pull Firewood Logs out of the Woods

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hey everybody how's it going today I'm

down here on the ranch down at the farm

in the back 40

I'm just looking over during the week my

dad had a local logger come out here and

cut down some of the dead trees that we

have standing back here I guess he must

have been watching a few of my youtube

videos and decided to get somebody with

a little more experience to bring these

down actually some of these I don't

think I would have wanted to try to a

tackle anyway because they they were

some pretty decent sized one and they

needed to come down some pretty tight

spaces and actually one of them got hung

up we're gonna go check that out in a

second but so far this is you got a nice

big birch here got some red oaks back

there and a couple more up there so you

got all this wood taking down this week