Excel How-To: Moving and Relocating Rows and Columns

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let's talk about a few ways to move or

relocate rows or columns within a given

spreadsheet here we have our ABC company

worksheet up on the screen and it's

currently sorted in alphabetical order

by employee first-name according to

column a now say I have a need to move

the first record the first employee

record here that I'm highlighting

elsewhere within the sheet well one way

you might recall to move a range of data

is to first highlight the range then

move your cursor over the edge and get

that four-way arrow at which time you

click and drag down and relocate it

where you want to go now if I release it

early I'm going to be prompted by Excel

to replace the contents of the cells

that I have selected now and I don't

want to do that because I don't want to

replace an existing employee record so