Learning to Knee Drag in 5 Minutes Start to Finish | Beginner Honda cbr 600rr

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it's up guys welcome to John's moto

garage and gracias for tuning in I'm

John first of all things tell my

subscribers and those to check out the

videos if you dig the content be sure to

LIKE and subscribe today we're checking

out the 2015 cbr600rr and I'm gonna try

doing knee drags I got very close I did

a few sketchy ones but I didn't feel

good so we're gonna try today I'm a

brand new Danny dragger this is

literally like the third day that I've

ever tried them at all so I'm not a pro

I don't have a proper technique nothing

I'm doing is safe so don't try this at

home all right let's give it a shot I

got all my gear


are you guys we're giving the need ride

a shot like I said I did it the other

day but it was very just kind of felt