iPad Tutorial Move Keyboard

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welcome to this savvy senior training

iPad tutorial this time we are going to

show you how to split and move your

keyboard on the screen so there are a

couple of ways you can do this the

easiest way is to split the keyboard

into two so that it's e might be easier

for you to type with your thumbs so what

we're going to do is we place our thumbs

in the middle of the screen and we just

push out and see how easy it is for the

keyboard to be split and then you might

find it easier to type with by using

your thumbs right here now we can also

move the keyboard up on the screen now

this can be a little tricky what you're

going to do is tap and hold on this

keyboard button right here and then

while same time moving your thumb up on

the screen or your finger so I'll show

you how