Excel Video 283 Manually Sorting Pivot Table Data

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Oh everybody welcome back this is excel

video 283 I'm Nate Moore I'm helping a

group put their accounts receivable data

in a pivot table what they have now is a

printed report that goes on for hundreds

of pages and an online or a software

based tool that they're not quite sure

does everything they want it to do and

it kind of does patient or insurance

receivables maybe not so much patient

what we're doing is putting all that

data into one pivot table and make it a

lot easier to understand and manage if

you need that help with your accounts

receivable I'd love to help you

we're going to keep talking about

sorting today and to do that I'm going

to move referring physician out of the

way and put doctor in our list and just

to make our lives a little bit cleaner

will move diagnosis so we just are