Fallout 4: How to Pick Up Bodies

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hey guys what's up its isla bananas here

and today going to be showing you how to

pick up items and fall it for and no I'm

not talking about how to pick up items

and put them in your inventory I'm

talking about how to move a body to a

dumpster and yes you can actually do

that you can move body parts to a

dumpster or a body or whatever you want

maybe just have some junk in your your

little vault house or whatever as you

can see here I'm picking up a piece of

jarred I don't know what piece of him it

is because it's all bloody and gory so

there's no telling that and then there's

his terminal so we know it's on jared

fogle well actually i don't know he lost

some weight so who knows but he's in

some big [ __ ] right now

anyway so let's get back to the video so

right here is Jared I'm picking him up