Link vertical data to horizontal in Excel

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I'm currently teaching the class and I have to hand in a sheet for each

student's attendance along with their marks and so I have sheets linked to my

list of students the problem is is that on each student I have to hand in their

attendance for the period let's say it's for the first two weeks of March I don't

want to have to go to each individual student you know there could be quite a

few now I'd like to just to have one sheet that would link to the front that

I could put the attendance in while I'm sitting there so what I want to do is I

want to link a vertical column from one sheet to another sheet that's horizontal

and so how I do it is I'm going to use transpose so what I'm going to do is I'm

going to go to student four which is going to be there right and so I'm going

to select the place where the attendance is going to appear and then I'm going to

go in the formula bar I'm going to go equals transpose

and now I'm going to go back to my sheet one and I'm going to select where the

attendants will appear and then I'm going to close my bracket now this is an

array to complete this you must press all these these three keys in at the

same time control shift enter and then you get the curly brackets around it and

then you can then it's done so now let's go and we're going to go and put in a

few yeses for its if they were there

and so we've got till about the six done here so now I've entered it on one sheet

now let's go to student four and yes their marks appear on their own

individual sheet so that's how u transpose data from vertical to