Understanding How To Install Mac Apps Downloaded From Web Sites

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Hi this is Gary with MacMost.com.

Today let me show you how to properly install most third party apps that you download from


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So a common way to install third party apps on your Mac is to download them from their

official websites and then you end up with what's called a disk image.

When you open that disk image it looks just like a folder but it's a little different.

Then you'll see that application and you'll also see something that looks like the Applications


Usually there's an arrow going from one to the other.

Let me show you what to do in this situation

So as an example I'm going to download 2 third party web browsers.

One is Goggle Chrome.

I'm going to go to the official Goggle Chrome download page.

I have a Download Chrome button.

The first time you do this it's going to ask you for permission to download from this site.

You say OK.

Then it downloads it to the Downloads folder.