Excel GETPIVOTDATA Function to Pull Data from a PivotTable

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hello and welcome to this video tutorial

from computer gargoyle comm and in this

video we are going to look at how to use

the get pivot data function of Excel now

the get pivot data function is used to

query and extract data from a pivot

table so it's kind of a pivot table

lookup that's what it is

now this feature is turned on by default

in Excel and that is because it can be

extremely useful for what we need it to

do so take this simple pivot table I

have at the moment and I'm going to use

this function to extract the data that I

want and we'll see some of the benefits

of why you might want to use it but then

going to see a second example of where

it doesn't really help us and we want to

standard reference instead and we look

at how we can turn this feature off okay

let's look at the benefits of it to