Forza Horizon 4 Let's Play : Drag Racing Missions!! (Part 6)

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oh hell yes that is so sick we got a

plane on line today and continuing our

Forza horizon for let's play this time

we are live on Twitch so you guys can

interact with me in today's episode I

want to head back down to the festival

and go and meet one of the new

characters and start up the Forza

horizon for festival drag racing series

we're probably gonna need to build a

drag car I don't know just yet we'll see

what happens in and go from there after

this first event where is this event ok

it's in the middle of the drag strip

maybe I will get given a drag Park I

have no idea I haven't done any of this

stuff yet I have no idea what is coming

right now

horizon festival drag strip racing is

actually online race competitively

against Drive Attar's that's actually a