Forza 7 : NEW DRAG RACING MODE GAMEPLAY!! (Experimental Drag Racing)

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I'm third place at drag racing in the

world hey speaking of which experimental

drag racing here you go manager rpms for

that optimal lunch male the Christmas

tree and get that reaction time going

this is gonna be so dope boys this is

what I'm talking about this is what

everybody who drag races has been

wanting this is gonna be so good I'm so

pumped one of the reasons I will say I

haven't someone uploaded the wrong

resolution image what what it what is

this place okay I guess let's click it

September update no okay it's not close

boys stretch tires for Fortson

Motorsports seven confirmed we got it we

got it here first all right so when you

come to FreePlay you've now got this new

thing it says experimental drag quick

setup so you click that it Chuck's you

straight and welcome to experimental