Forza Motorsport 7 : splitscreen drag racing....

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the end right hello guys welcome back to

another video today we're back on fours

most of them doing split screen drag

racing which I remember we did years ago

with Jack Wow 40 years old to share that

video and it's over a thousand views and

it was awful so gonna redo it with some

nicer cars today you can see I'm at the

top caters at the bottom she's in the

Jaguar F pace p3 80s which is the hot


the v6 the one below the SVR and I'm in

the Volvo xc90 t8 now your car's a big

shouty v6 I'm good for the environment

I'm hybrid who's gonna be quite clever

because I will pardon you but you're the

sixties claim back so who knows


for some the turbocharged supercharged

with an electric motor versus a three