How To Move Multiple Rows and Columns In Excel - The Easy Way!

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in this video we're gonna talk about how

to easily move columns and rows in Excel

so let's focus on column B the column

with the last name in order to move it

you want to select the entire column and

then hold down the shift key then use

your mouse you can move somewhere let's

say to the right side of this column and

notice when you get those four arrows it

might be hard to see it so hopefully you

can see it let me as zoom in I'm already

at 200% but once you see those four

arrows the left click and then drag so

let's say if we want to move it to the

right of column C that is the address

column and then let go of the mouse and

there is so it's to the right of the

address column but to the left of the

city column now let's go ahead and undo

what we just did so let's try it again

so press shift and then once you see