How To Make Emails Go To A Specific Folder Gmail

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oh hi this is chase Swift and in this

video I want to show you how to make

emails go to specific folders in Gmail

so as you can see I have a series of

emails what we're going to do is take

this one from Vic and I'm going to put

it into a specific folder from here

forward so the West best way to do that

is click on the email and then right

under the more options you have filter

messages like this and this will tell

Gmail that you want to separate this

email so go ahead and click there and

now you're basically beginning a filter

of instructions and right now we're

looking for this email from Vic and then

what we want to do is create a filter

with this search that's very easy to do

now it's it's found all these emails I'm

going to put them all in one folder

right now they're all in the inbox and