How to save a document from email to computer desktop

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hi but this video is for you on how to

save something to your computer as you

can see this is a snapshot of my laptop

computer screen at home I know it's a

mess right now I've got a ton of files

on there but just ignore all of that

stuff hopefully you don't have all of

those but if you do it's no big deal you

can find them these are just you can see

all of the things that I have saved to

my desktop so what you want to do is go

to your email you might be using

Internet Explorer I happen to use Google


whatever you do to open up your mail

just go get your mail open up your email

okay so I'm showing you that I'm opening

up my email right now and this I have

two different emails that's my home one

this is the one I use for work and it's

just easier to use than my cock's email