How to autoFill days and dates in Google Spreadsheets

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alright next have to show you how to

fill the dates across or the days of the

week across and the dates and set it up

so the first of the month is on the

right date of the week so in order to

fill days we need to highlight the range

of 3 cells and those 3 cells have to

have a pattern so Monday Tuesday

Wednesday how's next Thursday Friday

Saturday so I grabbed the fill handle

bar Google knows that's what I want to

do and bam there you go now I need to

find out what day of the week May 1st is

I can create the proper calendar party

google searched I searched May 1st 2013

here's the calendar I see that May 1st

is on a Wednesday I'll come back to

Wednesday and I'll put in there 5 - 1 -

21 3 there's the date I'm gonna do the

same thing in the next day 5 - 2 - 21 3

finally the next day 5 - 3 - 21 3 again