Excel Autofill - how to quickly enter Months, Days, Dates and Numbers without typing

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a basic skill in Microsoft Excel is the

ability to automatically fill data into

your worksheet this is useful for

anybody who has to put months into your

worksheet maybe days of the week into

your worksheet are gates into your

worksheet Microsoft Excel has a built-in

feature called Auto filling and what

this Auto filling allows you to do is to

easily use your mouse in a certain way

to fill in months days the weekend dates

into your worksheet this video will show

you the details of how you go about

using the autofill feature in Microsoft

Excel 2010 enjoy the video I'm in Excel

2010 and I want to demonstrate the

feature in Excel 2010 of Auto billing

data first of all click notice into a

cell in spreadsheet and I'm going to

type in the full word for the first

month of the year I'll finish off the