How To Move Columns Or Rows Of A PivotTable In Excel

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hello everyone my crumpled from another

set of eyes with today's excel bytes

blog post today we're going to take a

look at just doing a little bit of

formatting with your pivot table you've

created a pivot table and you want to

just rearrange rows or columns in a

specific order

as you'd like to see them so let's take

a look at how we can do that I'm going

to create a quick pivot table here I'm

not going to go into a lot of detail of

how to do that I will list below other

posts that I've done in the past about

pivot tables and you can feel free to to

take a look at those and hopefully learn

more about pivot tables but all I'm

going to do is highlight my data here

and then go to the insert tab and insert

a pivot table and in my case I'm going

to put it right in cell g1 on the