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hey what's up everybody this is Ray and

today's screencast I'm going to

introduce you to a brand new feature in

iOS 11 the ability to add drag-and-drop

support into your apps the iPad comes

with nice multitasking support you can

run two apps side by side with the split

view feature or the slide over mode and

new this year iOS is out of the ability

to drag and drop items between apps this

is sure to be a huge time saver and

greatly desired by users and luckily

it's pretty easy to implement in this

screencast I'll show you how to add

drag-and-drop support to your iOS apps

I'll be showing you how to do this with

the table view in this screencast but if

you watch the screencast you'll also

understand how to do it with collection

views because it's pretty much the exact

same process just slightly different