Spreadsheet tips: Drag Copy

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one of the reasons we use spreadsheets

is that they can do repetitive tasks for

us for example so I want this text to

appear in lots of cells well one way I

could do it is to type it myself another

way would be to go to edit copy click

edit paste or I could use the keyboard

shortcuts propeller sea and propeller V

but even that's fairly slow compared to

one of the features of spreadsheets

which is the drag copy now with the drag

copy all I do is click on the cell that

has the information I want to copy go to

the corner now you'll notice the cursor

changes to little crosshair I clicked

hold the mouse button down and drag and

you can see it's selecting some other

cells there and then it copies the

contents down and it also works across

rows so if I click in a Cell click in

the corner hold the mouse button down