Mechanics of Drag Bunt

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a drag bunt is a little bit of an

element of surprise

so as opposed to the sacrifice bunt

where you're squaring around earlier the

drag bunt you're gonna weight and your

batting stance a little bit longer until

right about the time that the pitchers

are releasing the ball and then that's

when you're gonna try and get in

position a couple of the same things

apply though I like to see in a drag

bunt for our right-handed hitter it's

the ability to get the bat out in front

of us a little bit in front of home

plate just like we did on the sacrifice

bunt it's just that we're doing it later

all right the other thing that we do is

as soon as we get our bat out in front

we're setting an angle so that we can do

what we talked about earlier either put

a perfect bunt right down the third-base