MGS3 CQC and Hints

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alright guys I'm gonna be showing you

how to you know use your CQC and what

we're gonna do here I've already got my

I've beaten the game already and I'm

uneasy and some of the locations for

enemies you know is going to be

different but I've got the spirit camo

which you get from the sorrow for

getting to the end of the path and

anyway it eliminates footstep noise so

they won't hear you running you can run

all around them behind them and they

won't hear you you know they can only

see you so what you do is you're going

to hold your circle button down when you

get close let go of your sticks so you

don't you know throw them to the ground

and then you press your left thumbstick

in press best analog stick in and he'll

interrogate you ask a question make sure

you keep the button held down until