BATTLEFIELD 5: 13 *BIG* Changes & NEW FEATURES Coming Soon! (Soldier Dragging & Tactical Deploy)

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I know the early access element to

battlefield 5 is causing a little bit of

a rift in the community at the moment

some people aren't fans are paying more

money to get earlier access I totally

get that point of view and to be honest

the staggered launch with three

different launch dates for battlefield 5

is just confusing to say the least

however there is one advantage to this

that I can point out dice has an early

opportunity to collect data about their

weapon balanced vehicle balance how

people use the tools they've been given

and then they can figure out priorities

for new things making their way into the

game and in this video today I've got a

bunch of information that dice has

released over the last few days about

some of that new stuff that will be

added to Battlefield 5 very soon first