FIFA 20 Drag Back Tutorial | How to Drag Back in FIFA 20 | Most Overpowered FIFA 20 Skill Move

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you laid eyes on TV 4 HD welcome back to

our first ever feed 420 tutorial I'm

here we're back and fee 420 here we come

control display is absolutely elastico

open party favor

as you can probably tell from the title

we're doing a FIFA 20 drag bat tutorial

by far this skill move has been the most

popular in terms of videos on this

channel it's my most viewed you guys

have loved it so lads we're back for

Fever 20 and the drag batter toriel

Before we jump into it be sure to hit

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you guys will see when my next tutorials

are up and running and yeah we can keep

connected over on that platform so loads

to get into it I'm gonna be honest this

skill move is probably my most favorite