FIFA 19 Drag Back Tutorial | How to Drag Back in FIFA 19 | Most Overpowered FIFA 19 Skill Move

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g'day guys Aussie thief HD and welcome

back to yet another FIFA 19 tutorial on

the channel now over the last two years

and FIFA 17 and 18 this particular skill

mood tutorial has been one of the most

popular on this channel in fact still to

this day my most viewed video is from

last year's FIFA 18 dragged back

tutorial so I thought to myself why not

bring it back to the channel and I can

tell you now after playing the FIFA 19

demo this still is one of the most

overpowered skill moves in FIFA as I

said before it goes by the name of the

drag back now the drag back can be

performed in multiple different ways it

can be edited out to the back adds a

little app to the side you can even edit

it out to the front and even not even

adds it up at all and keep the ball

close into your possession this skill