iPhone 8 / 8 Plus: How to Move or Rearrange Apps on Home Screen

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hey what is going on guys so you have

the iPhone 8 with the 8 plus I'm going

to show you how to rearrange the apps

from your home screen ok so very very

simple so first thing you got to do is

press and hold any app basically go to

the home page where you want to move an

app let's say I want to move this iMovie

to another place on the home screen so

I'm just gonna go ahead and press down

like this it doesn't matter if I press

the iMovie or not but from here now I

can go ahead and drag it now basically

this X is if you want to go ahead and

uninstall it or delete the app but we

don't want to do that we just want to

rearrange it so as soon as you press and

hold down it starts wiggling and you get

the X mark here and then from here you

just grab the app and you can place it

up here like that or you can just go out