How to AutoFill the Letters in the Alphabet in Excel

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hello and welcome back to tips time

savers I'm Danny rocks and in today's

lesson I'm going to respond to a viewer

who wants to know how he can autofill

the letters of the alphabet the viewer

wrote in to say Danny I know I can use

autofill to increment dates so in this

case I'm using the autofill to increment

one day at a time I can also use

autofill which always begins by moving

your mouse to the lower right corner of

the cell as your starting cell and here

I'm incrementing by one hour if I want

to increment numbers here's a trick hold

down control as you click to autofill

holding down control reverses the

default which is to make a copy of a

number and will increment it by a series

of one we also have several built-in

lists in Excel for example the months of

the year and the days of the week