Moving Columns in Excel the EASY WAY!!

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this next tip is great for those people

that struggle with moving columns and

getting them in the right spots I know

many people have struggled to figure out

the easy way to move columns in this

example you can see the first name in

the last name should be next to company

and title should come after the first

name and last name well in the past I

know I struggled with this and I would

have to add a couple of rows and then I

would copy and I would paste the other

rows back where there need to be and

then I would have to delete those

columns it was quite a task well this

little shortcut will show you the easy

way to do that all you need to do is

select the columns you want to move so

I'm going to select column C and column

D that's my first and last name I did

that by selecting C and D then I bring