Excel - Increase Series of Number

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in this tutorial I will show you or is

easy to increase a series of data for

the numbers for instance here if you

feel five and you use the fill and L

when you drag and drop you copy only the

value 5 but if you create a series of

two data one two and then you select

these two cells and you drag and drop

the file under you can see that you

increase your series but now if the gap

between the two cells is not one unit

but more than that for instance 0 and 5

you select your data drag and drop you

can see that you increase your theory

with the same gap between each cells so

if it works in the increasing order it

works also for the decreasing order like

this if it works for integer data it

works of course also for the decimal

data for instance here like that for

instance if you want to create a