Beginners Guide to Learning 3D Computer Graphics

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If you're interested in making either 3D animations visual effects video games Vr or 3D printing?

Then this is the video for you this video will give you an introduction to 3D from a complete beginners?

Perspective by answering these two important questions

Where should I start and what software should I be using?

So let's start with this first one

There's a lot of buzzwords related to 3d. [you've] got 3D gaming 3D printing

Animation Vr. Archive is visual effects and many more, so if you're confused

[I] don't blame you

Well regardless of what field you want to specialize in a basic understanding of 3D is

Necessary for all of these and what you learn in one field can often be transferred to another

Like let's say you made this one character

Well that character could be rigged and animated to create an animated short

Or it could be exported [to] a game engine and used as a playable character

It could be 3D printed to make a little chess piece it could be injected into a Vr

World or it could simply be rendered as a still image

So getting started in any of these areas

requires this basic understanding of 3D

What are the basics well they could be summed up as follows?

Modeling an object by creating a cage and moving it about till it forms the [shape] of your object

textures or materials to make the surface look real when it's rendered and

Lighting to create a pleasing final image when it's rendered