3D Modelling - Noob to Pro - Basic Steps

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hi this is a video to go through how to

become a 3d modeling pro in this video

we'll focus on what sort of software

you'll need your mindset where to go for

great tutorials and where the best

places are to start out and what you

should be starting out with modeling so

first of all a bit about me I'm a sixth

form teacher and I teach games design so

mainly 3d modeling and I'm a freelance

3d modeler I take on all sorts of

projects my favorites are games design

characters and game design landscapes

but I also do architectural

visualizations and things like that so

you could say I'm a pro because I get

paid to do these things but I still feel

like I've got a long way to go before

you get to that well what you'd expect a

pro to be but I have a lot of fun doing

it and a lot of fun learning about it so