Easy Photoshop 3D Effect in 30 Seconds | 3D Glasses Effect

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Hi everyone. Steve, Patterson here from Photoshop Essentials. In this video,

I'll show you how to easily create a fun red and blue

retro 3D movie effect with Photoshop! This effect is so easy to create that once

you know the steps, you'll be going from start to finish in under 30 seconds. Let's see how it works.

I'll be using Photoshop CC,

but everything is fully compatible with

Photoshop CS6 and earlier. Check out this tutorial on our website where you'll also find the written version.

Let's get started!

Here's the image I'll be using.

I downloaded it from Adobe Stock. If we look in the Layers panel, we see the image sitting on the Background layer.

Let's duplicate the Background layer by clicking on it and dragging it down onto the New Layer icon

at the bottom of the Layers panel. Before you release your mouse button, on a Windows PC,

press and hold the Alt key on your keyboard. On a Mac, press and hold the Option key.

Then release your mouse button. The Alt or Option key tells Photoshop to pop open the Duplicate Layer

dialog box where we can name the layer before it's added. Name the layer "3D"

and then click OK.

Photoshop adds a copy of the image on a new layer named "3D" above the original.

Next, click on the Layer Styles icon at the bottom of the Layers panel.

Then choose Blending Options from the top of the list.

This opens the Layer Style dialog box.

Look for the Channels option, with checkboxes for R, G and B.