Top 3 FREE 3D Design Software 2019

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in this video I'm gonna go through my

top three picks of free 3d modeling

programs for 2019 say that three times

fast let's get started

how's it going guys Angus here from

makers Muse so 3d design software is a

ever changing landscape I did a video a

few years ago on my top picks and well

it's completely how dated so let's do a

new one a lot of current subscribe to

the channel will know what I use on an

almost daily basis but if you're just

starting or perhaps you've learnt some

really expensive software in uni or

college you've just gotten out and

realized hey I can't afford that well

this video is for you

and let's kick it off with number one

Tinkercad let me tell you a quick little

story quite a few years ago I was using