How to take 360 photos on ANY camera!

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today I'm gonna show you how to take 360

photos with any camera there are

essentially three things you'll need to

do this one a camera with a wide lens an

iPhone lens is wide enough to a laptop

you can use a tripod with a panoramic

head as well but this is not essential

for this purpose I'm going to show you

how to achieve it with a DSLR and a

panoramic head although later in the

video I'll show you that this is not

necessary so let's get the camera

mounted to the tripod head you're gonna

have to mount it portrait mode to make

the most of the available space so now

that the camera is mounted onto the

tripod head we need to get the pupil

entrance in line with the tripod the

easiest way to do this is to line up the

front of the lens with the center of the

tripod most panoramic heads will have