Taekwondo 360 Turning Kick/Tornado Kick Tutorial | GNT How to

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hi I'm Aaron Gossett I'm going to take

you through the 360 turning kick and

full turn kick this kit is also known as

the tornado or 360 rain kick or when we

go straight through the right nice kick

before attempting this kick make sure

you have a turn kick or full turning

kick down to a good standard so it will

help benefit you doing the 360 version

of the kick the easiest way to first do

the 360 turning kick or full turn kick

is to go into your side stands for if

you do start from a front stance all you

have to do is take that extra step into

size Lance before initiating the

technique remember your side stance is a

long-range stance we don't be in very

close to the side stance because we go

legs taking it very easily and it's very

ineffective using our backhand or our

back leg so the kick is a long-range