Virtual Reality Basics - How to take 360 Photos with a Phone 📱 DIY in 5 Ep. 21

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are you sure this is hot at 360 hello

I'm Trisha Hershberger and today we'll

teach you how to take 360 photos using a

smartphone and a free app a google app

of course to show off wherever you are

in the world with a cool 360 image

that's right you don't need six GoPros

attached to a mounting rig or an

expensive 360 camera to share cool for a

tool reality style photos with your

friends the easiest way to create a full

360 photo is through the Google

Streetview app which can be found in

both the Apple and Android app stores

don't get this app confused with Google

Maps though because only Street View

lets us take the immersive photo we

really want to see we'll add a link to

the Street View app in the description

below if you checked out our how to vr

with a smartphone video you might