How To Cancel Spotify Free Trial Subscription

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in today's video I'll show you how you

can cancel your Spotify free trial so

here's what you need to do so you can't

actually do this inside of the Spotify

app so what you need to do is go and

open up the Spotify website which I've

already got opened here so come to

Spotify comm and log into your Spotify

account so we're gonna click log in here

then enter in your username and password

and just log into your account so once

you're logged in we can just scroll down

and you should see your current plan

which will be spotify premium and

because you're on the free trial and now

what you need to do is click on change

plan and what's gonna happen here is

it's going to give you a list of all of

the different plans that you can get on

Spotify we're not interested in any of

them we just want to scroll all the way