ZTE Zmax Pro: How To Block Number From Call/Texting You

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what is up guys Tech right back with

another video for you guys today today I

will be showing you how to block a

number on the ZTE zmax Pro let's get in


ok guys so I know a lot of you wanted me

to show you how to block someone's

number how to block their messaging how

to block their phone number from calling

you at all so what you want to do is go

over here to contacts pick the number

that you have we have a fake number

right here a dummy number what you're

going to want to do next is go to the

messaging part ok once you're in the

messaging you're going to want to go to

the 3 dots by the phone at the top and

go to people and options next you're

going to want to block this number it's

going to say you'll continue to receive

messages from this number but won't be