Grade 2 Math 11.7, Subtracting three-digit numbers

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I'm going to be talking about

subtracting three-digit numbers this is

11.7 we can subtract three-digit numbers

by using a work map that shows the place

values and models to help us so we're

going to subtract 425 minus 136 and this

H means hundreds the T means tens and

the o means ones we can keep them in the

correct column we even have a box for

regrouping C so 425 we have four

hundreds we have two tens and we have

five ones don't we we need to take away

136 looking at this what we need to do

is take six from the five but we can't

the five isn't big enough so what we're

going to do is we're going to regroup

the two as a 1 I'm going to give that 10

to the ones place so this is not a 5

anymore it's a 15 15 take away 6 is 9

now we have 1 and we need to take 3 away

but we can't do that so we regroup this