3-Day Refresh Overview with Autumn Calabrese

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hey I'm autumn Calabrese today we are

talking about the 3 day refresh it's a

simple 3 day program for those looking

to shed a few pounds after a vacation or

before a big event or to learn about

cleaner eating habits you're going to

eliminate the junk and heavy foods for

three days and fill your diet with

delicious plant-based foods and healthy

shakes so when you wake up you drink a

big glass of water that's to get your

digestive system going then you'll kick

off your day with a nutrient-dense

Shakeology and fruit from the food list

in the program guide so today I picked

strawberries and that is my chocolate

Shakeology now before lunch you'll take

the fiber sweep to help with your

digestion and keep you feeling fuller

I didn't mix this yet because I don't

want the mixture to settle to the bottom