How To Animate in Flash CS6 & CC | Tutorial for Beginners

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in this video you will learn how to

animate in flash even if you've never

opened the program before and if you'd

like to download the animation file we

create it'll be available at the end of

the video so when you first open up

flash you'll be greeted with this

welcome screen let's create a new

project by selecting actionscript 3.0 so

by default flash will create a video

that's 550 by 400 pixels which is an odd

size and I don't know why it does that

but let's change it so if we go under

our properties which may be located on

the right side or on the bottom or if

you don't see it you can go to window

and select properties right here so

we're going to go into our properties

FPS stands for frames per second which

is how many drawings occur per second 24

frames per second is pretty standard for