How to Create 2D Animations - Beginner Blender Tutorial

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hey everyone it's steve here from CG

geek and I have a fun video if you guys

today I'm learning how to do 2d

animation within blender 2.8 so we're

gonna be taking a look at blender 2.8

new 2d animation tools within the grease

pencil and actually we'll be looking at

how to do three different methods of

animation in today's video starting with

frame by frame animation using the

grease pencil tool then I'll take a look

at some of the interpolation tools that

you can use to generate keyframes

between frames and then I'll finish off

by showing you guys how to rig an actual

2d character real quick and do some

rigged animation we've actually been

doing a lot of 2d animation recently

with the release of my new channel

Mimi 9 times you guys might have heard

about it it's a fun animated