23andMe, How It Works!

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hi and welcome to 23andme I'm Christine

with customer care and in this video

we'll be going over what's included in

your kit and how to register provide

your sample and get it on its way back

to our lab each kit includes the

following inside the plastic clamshell a

sheet of instructions a plastic

biohazard bag a small tube cap and the

sample collection tube with attached

funnel cap you'll also need to hang on

to the box your kit was shipped in since

this is the same box you'll use to ship

it back to our lab the prepaid shipping

label is on the back of the box while

you may be excited about providing your

sample the first thing you'll need to do

is create a 23andme account and register

your kit even if you provided your email

address during your order you may not

have an account yet simply follow the