Great Gatsby FAUX BOB || 1920's Inspired Hair!

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hello everyone and welcome back to my

channel so today's video is all about

the 1920s finger wave Bob I have a

little tutorial today showing you how to

get this Bob you can do it without the

headband and without the makeup and just

give yourself an awesome bob for a night

out or if you want it for a costume then

add the headband and you're good to go

so if you want to get this 1920s finger

wave faux bob then just keep watching ok

so here we are

straight hair make sure your hair is

parted deeply to the side if you have a

center part you might want to fix that

because it just looks better with kind

of a over cross part now I'm just gonna

section off my hair above my ears we're

gonna be working in sections here so

just take half of your hair up and get

it out of the way so I just clip that up