Tax Season (2016): Ways To File Your Return | Forbes

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for the 2016 tax season there's actually

a couple ways to file your return

there's the traditional paper returns

but you can't get those in the mail

these days

so you're gonna have to go to to

get your forms you can also file

electronically if you file

electronically you have a couple of

options you can use DIY software like a

turbo tax or an H&R or you can go to and use the free file system you

can actually qualify to use the free

file system as long as your incomes

below sixty two thousand dollars and of

course you can always use your tax

preparer tax preparer can e-file or

paper file but chances are they're gonna

eat file the IRS is really pushing tax

preparers this year to e-file and then

something new for 2016 is that a lot of