How to Do 20 PULLUPS in One Set (WORKS FAST!)

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What's up, guys?

Jeff Cavaliere,

Today we're talking all about pullups.

My question to you is: if you're doing less than 20 pullups in a set, I'm going to show

you how to start doing more than 20.

I don’t care how heavy you are, or what your current strength level is.

The ideas is that pullups are not that hard if you follow the right progression.

I'm going to show you something you can do right now to start bringing those pullup number

way up.

On top of that, something you can also do to instantly increase the number of pullups

that you're doing in a set.

So let's talk about the progression.

If you setup a bar in a rack, what I want you to do is use this decline, or this progression

of declining your body until the point where you're literally underneath it as your way

of improving your ability to do more pullups.

Now, we know with the legs in contact with the ground I've got to make his harder because

if I had you do inverted rows this way it's never going to equate to the numbers, and

the stress that your body is going to have to lift, in terms of the weight that you're

pulling up to the bar to ever have it have a significant impact on your ability to do


We can do that, and equalize that, by taking one arm off the bar.