How to Calculate 20 Percent of Annual Profits : Math Calculations

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hi I'm Jimmy Chang and we're here to

talk about how to calculate 20 percent

of the annual profits now annual profits

is a pretty easy number to get because

we just need your the data for annual

profits but to calculate 20 percent of

that you just have to think about what

the term 20 percent actually means now

there's a couple of ways that you can do

this to calculate 20 percent you can

either think of 20 percent as a decimal

which is a zero point two zero or zero

point two for that matter if you so

choose to or you can take into account

that to 20 percent can also be expressed

as a fraction now zero point two can we

thread as two tenths so what you can do

is multiply by two and divide by 10 and

go from there but some people would like

to think of 20 percent as 20 hundredths

or 20 over 100 but another way to think