Introduction to Two Way ANOVA (Factorial Analysis)

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in this tutorial I'm going to introduce

the idea of a two-way ANOVA or factorial

analysis this video is part of a

playlist and in the playlist I describe

all the different aspects of a two-way

ANOVA from calculated by hand to

interpreting results SPSS and also

Microsoft Excel and you can find a link

to the playlist below right there

let's imagine I give an arithmetic test

to boys and girls of different age

groups 10 year olds 11 year olds and 12

year olds and now I have a list of test

scores and I want to determine what

impacts the variation is a gender is it

age group or is it both gender and age

group so I have two factors I have

gender and age and that's why it's

called a two-way ANOVA or factorial

analysis have two factors if I was going

to analyze the same data with a one-way